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Hello people, we all know that traditional Twitter hashtags have become a powerful resource on the network, and even beyond. They are widely used in marketing campaigns, dissemination of brands, events, demonstrations, or simply to be popular among friends on the Internet. Noticing the trend, other social networks like Instagram and Facebook, included functionality.

And we will not be different, as we are here to promote the well through technology, we are giving birth to work in favor of entertainment, art and especially the preservation of the environment, Amazon Andes Team presents its first campaign comes stimulate man and nature contact.

The proposal of our game is to sow love for every moment that nature offers us. How to participate? Simple!

1- Take a creative photo and high impact contemplating nature. I do not know taking pictures? Our dear partner José Tezza has some tips for you here!

2- Publish your photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AmazonAndesProject

3- Get the most tanned and ready! You are already participating in the campaign.

Call your friends and play and have fun with us! Come join this campaign as well!


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